Alte Schmiedekunst. Damaszenerstahl Volume 2

Table of Contents

From Iron Ore to Iron Metal
Comparisons and Earlier Results
The Refining (Smithing) Hearth
Refined Iron of the Middle Iron Age Compared with Modern Steels for the Layer Welding Technique
The Welding Packet in the Furnace
Influence of the Alloy on the Pattern - Selected Steels
Thoughts About Pattern Formation in Layer Welding
Pattern Design, Influence of Welding Temperature on the Pattern and the Structure - Mosaic Patterns
The Polished Patterns of the Torsion Technique
Axes Produced with the Torsion Technique
Precision Instruments in Damascus Steel
Ring Dagger as Demonstration of Different Damascus Systems
The Aesculap Serpent
The Hardening of Damascus Steel
Epilogue and Acknowledgement

128 high gloss pages, 118 illustrations and drawings, some whole-page, in colour and in black and white

Volume 2 deals with technical and design potential of the Damascus forging technique

Heinz Denig, Alte Schmiedekunst Damaszenerstahl Vol. 2

Language: German
Hardcover edition

128 Pages
118 Pictures
Published: April 1999
ISBN: 3870222581

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